As an artist, photography is all about creating images that tell a story by capturing the depth and beauty of a moment.  I want to make photographs that you could look at over and over, and each time the image still speaks to you.  This is why it’s important for me to work with people that feel the same way.  I want people who are willing to make a day trip to the desert, or hike an hour through a forest to find amazing views.  I want people who are willing to rough it through all sorts of weather, because crazy stormy weather can produce a damn good photo.  I want people who are willing to open up and be their genuine authentic self.  Lets go on an adventure together, and create and experience and images that you will remember forever.

Contact me for prices and information!  Tell me all about yourself and what you are envisioning for your images, so I am able to provide you with the information that would suit you best!!  Can’t wait to shoot with you!!

weddings start at $2000

engagements start at $500

bridals/formals start at $500

elopements start at $1000

Also if you are getting married in Arizona LET ME KNOW! I am giving killer deals for any of my 2017 Arizona Weddings!